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Alice Knew... by FairyWhite Alice Knew... by FairyWhite
You may remember the quote: "...once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversations?'..."
Well, it's with a certain deal of sadness that I've been observing recently a change in the posts of my friends on FB. If a couple of years ago we could not unfrequently find a post with the user's own thoughts, ideas or impressions of something and we would read the post attentively till the end and comment, now more and more often I see a typed quote and below it an image containing surprisingly the same quote, as if the person posting is not quite sure whether the typed text would be read or even noticed by his friends.
Just an observation... with a slight tinge of bitterness...

The easel is from 'On Display' by Holliewood Studios,
The palette, the paint box and the brush are from 'Art Box 1' by Holliewood Studios,
The book is from 'The Librarian 1' by Holliewood Studios

The  frame is from 'Once Upon A Time' by Pink Lotty Designs

The sky is from Tumble Fish Studio's part of 'Blooming' Collab
and from 'Fairy Whispers' by Tumble Fish Studio
The grass is partially from from Tumble Fish Studio's part of 'Blooming' Collab
and also from Tumble Fish Studio's part of 'Once Upon A Time' Mega

The mushroom is from Tumble Fish Studio's part of 'Once Upon A Time' Mega
The roses are from Tumble Fish Studio's part of 'La Vie Boheme' Mega

Alice was extracted by me from an "Alice in Wonderland" illustration by John Tenniel.

Also used Comic Art PS Action by GraphicRiver
and Retropress PS Actions by RetroSupply Co.
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